Coyne, Jesernig, LLC provides the following governmental relations services.


Coyne, Jesernig, LLC provides monitoring of priority legislation potentially affecting client’s interests.

Monitoring includes:

  • Tracking bill introductions;
  • Communicating bill and amendment content to the client; and
  • Providing current bill status and related information regularly or upon request.

To accomplish this, Coyne, Jesernig, LLC will maintain regular contact with key legislators and staff, review bill digests and weekly legislative schedules, and track bill information available from staff, other lobbyists and through the computerized

Strategic Counseling

Coyne, Jesernig, LLC will provide legislative-related strategic counseling to the client, which includes:

  • assimilating available information on bills/issues;
  • assisting client’s staff in developing preferred alternatives;
  • predicting outcomes on issues; and
  • assisting client’s staff in developing plans to create preferred outcomes.

Legislative Information System

Coyne, Jesernig, LLC has developed a state of the art reporting system, which incorporates information available on the state’s LegLink system with client-specific information. Coyne, Jesernig, LLC reports are available through e-mail, fax, or mail. Sample reports are viewable by selecting the “REPORTS” button on this page.


Coyne, Jesernig, LLC will, as directed, assist client in advocating positions on proposed legislation.

As an advocate, Coyne, Jesernig, LLC will:

  • research issues/proposals;
  • contact individual legislators to seek support for the client’s positions; and
  • represent the client in meetings with legislators, legislative staff, state agencies, the Office of the Governor
  • and various groups, as desired by the client.